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Contest and Olympic Results


High School-


Free Throws- Luke Foster

Combine- Mattie LaCroix

Elbow Jumpers- Luke Maslanek

30 second layups- Luke Maslanek

Last Second Shot- Luke Foster


Free Throws- Tyler Liguori

Combine- Tyler Liguori

Elbow jumpers- Jake Kelshaw

30 Second layups- Chris Timmons

Last Second Shot- Chris Timmons

Big East

Free Throws- Darren Provenzano

Combine- Owen Juskiewicz

Elbow Jumpers- Seamus Basket

30 Second layups- Seamus Basket

Last Second Shot- Kyle Arcinega


Free Throws- Ryan Thenell

Combine- Chase Appell

3 Pointers- Ryan Thenell

30 Second layups- Justin Spagnuolo

Last Second Shot- Shaan Celik


NBA- Patrick Quirk

Big East- Robert Godau

ACC- Jake Kelshaw 

Olympic Competition:

Golf- Gold Spurs, Silver Warriors, Bronze Cavs

Free Throws- Gold Cavs, Silver Warriors, Bronze Spurs

Obstacle Course- Gold Syracuse, Silver UNC, Bronze Duke

Combine- Gold Cavs, Silver Spurs, Bronze Warriors

Dribble Relay- Gold West Milford, Silver Duke, Bronze Spurs

Passing Relay- Gold West Milford, Silver Cavs, Bronze Duke 








Team Champions

HIGH SCHOOL DIVISION: Lakeland- Coach Josiah Basket

ACC DIVISION: Duke- Coach Brandon Licursi

BIG EAST DIVISION: Seton Hall- Coach Zack Licursi

NBA DIVISION:  Spurs- Coach Nick Solicito

3-on-3 Champions

HIGH SCHOOL DIVISION: The Giants of Jet Water- Luke Maslanek, Colton Naccara, Aaron Vinca

ACC DIVISION:  IGIDABUF- Jake Kelshaw, Kylie LaCroix, Danny Novak

BIG EAST DIVISION: Amnesia- Robert Godau, Riley White, Jared Jones

NBA DIVISION: Dunkin Donuts- Ryan Thenell, Derek Shorter, Thomas Dinzik

Individual Awards


  • MVP: Luke Maslanek
  • Most Improved: Colton Naccara
  • Best Ball Handler: Mattie LaCroix
  • Best Rebounder: Max DeRobertis
  • Hustle Award: Josh Samuel
  • Team Player Award: Andrew Spagnuolo
  • Coaches' Award: Jordan Costello
  • Coaches' Award: Ryan Dietzsch
  • Coaches' Award: Tyler Meyers
  • Coaches' Award: Joey Freschi
  • Free Week: LukeFoster
  • MVP: Jake Kelshaw
  • Most Improved: Alexa Fritz
  • Best Ball Handler: Chris Timmons
  • Best Rebounder: Jordan Suchocki
  • Hustle Award: Xavier Washington
  • Team Player Award: Addison Platt
  • Coaches' Award:  Brady Hearle
  • Coaches' Award: Emily Costello
  • Coaches' Award: Samantha Clarke
  • Coaches' Award: Laurel Space
  • Free Week: Patrick Foley


  • MVP: Seamus Basket
  • Most Improved: Annabeth Jones
  • Best Ball Handler: Nate Leonard
  • Best Rebounder: Owen Juskiewicz
  • Hustle Award: Brett Provenzano
  • Team Player Award: Danny Platt
  • Coaches' Award: Darren Provenzano
  • Coaches' Award: Angelina Roccisano
  • Coaches' Award: Noah Traverso
  • Coaches' Award: Cayleigh Heres
  • Free Week: Brandon Scrimenti


  • MVP: Ryan Thenell
  • Most Improved: Derek Shorter
  • Best Ball Handler: Rachel Chandler
  • Best Rebounder: Justin Spagnoulo
  • Hustle Award: Chris Smith
  • Team Player Award: Patrick Quirk
  • Coaches' Award: Aksel Malatak
  • Coaches' Award: Gianni Gomez
  • Coaches' Award: Matt Kochan
  • Coaches' Award: Shaan Celik
  • Free Week: Chase Appel