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Some Defense being taught by Coach Finke.  Campers did an amazing job on this tough drill


Contest and Olympic Results



Obstacle Course: Gold Duke, Silver Syracuse, Bronze St John's

Golf: Gold Nets, Silver Thunder, Bronze Duke

Free Throws: Gold Cavs, Silver Nets, Bronze Spurs

Combine: Gold Spurs, Silver Thunder, Bronze Nets

Dribble Relay

Gold: Ghostbusters (HS Division)

Silver:  Duke

Bronze:  Spurs

Passing Relay:

Gold: Duke

Silver: Spurs

Bronze: St Johns 

High School Division Contests:

Free Throws: Dane Hirschberg-Demarest

Combine: Dane Hirschberg-Demarest

30 Second Layups: Blake Tyburczy

Last Second Shot: Blake Tyburczy



















Jumpers: Logan Deaver





ACC Contests:


Free Throws: Rachael Dietzsch

Combine: Jake Kelshaw

30 Second Layups: Jake Kelshaw

Last Second Shot: Sarah Benowitz

Elbow Jumpers: Chase Tyburczy 


Big East contests:

Free Throws: CeCe Law

Combine: Brian McKenna

30 Second Layups: Tyler Orofino

Last Second Shot: Tyler Orofino

Elbow Jumpers: Matt Lombardo 


NBA Contests:

Free Throws: Seamus Basket

Combine: Shane Cassels

30 Second Layups: Chase Appell

Last Second Shot: Patrick Quirk

3 Point Shot: Seamus Basket 




Team Champions


ACC DIVISION: Syracuse Coach Ella

BIG EAST DIVISION: Georgetown Coach Brandon Licursi

NBA DIVISION: Spurs Coach McClurg

3-on-3 Champions

HIGH SCHOOL: American Eagles- Blake Tyburczy, Lindsay DelVecchio, Logan Deaver 

ACC DIVISION: The DeRaffeles- Jake Kelshaw, Ava Scrimenti, Ognjen Ljusic

BIG EAST DIVISION: The People- Brian McKenna, Ryan Smith, Caitlyn DeFreese

NBA DIVISION: Salty Spitoon- Aksel Malatak, Gianni Gomez, Brandon Scrimenti


Week 2 Campers!!

Individual Awards


  • MVP: Blake Tyburczy
  • Most Improved: Owen Bonin
  • Best Ball Handler: Dane Hirschberg-Demarest
  • Best Rebounder: Logan Deaver
  • Hustle Award: A.J. Lockwood
  • Team Player Award: Anthony Romeo
  • Coach's Award: Addison Tyburczy
  • Coach's Award: Joey Freschi
  • Coach's Award: Connor Jones
  • Coach's Award: Gianna Sganga 
  • Free Week: Ray Obigzienslo


  • MVP: Jake Kelshaw
  • Most Improved: Sara Wardlaw
  • Best Ball Handler: Chase Tyburczy
  • Best Rebounder: Dean Deaver
  • Hustle Award: Trent Houser
  • Team Player Award: Colton Hardison
  • Coach's Award: John DelVecchio
  • Coach's Award: Xavier Washington
  • Coach's Award: Max Effrein
  • Coach's Award: Mike DeMarco
  • Free Week: Jordan Suchocki


 MVP: Brian McKenna

Most Improved: Gracey Suchocki

Best Rebounder: Brandon Evans

Best Ball Handler: Tyler Orofino

Hustle Award: Craig Trongone

Team Player Award: Jordan Heykoop

Coach's Award: Matt Lombardo

Coach's Award: Jayda Falby

Coach's Award: Kyle Arcinega

Coach's Award: Dominic Bufardeci

Free Week: Kailey Maskerines 

            NBA DIVISION:


  • MVP: Chris Albar
  • Most Improved: Diante DeGroat
  • Best Rebounder: Nick Federici
  • Best Ball Handler: Seamus Basket
  • Hustle Award: Maeve Cheevers
  • Team Player Award: Oakley Vacca
  • Coach's Award: Sarah Chandler
  • Coach's Award: Nash Appell
  • Coach's Award: Tom Dinzik
  • Coach's Award: Tyler Heres
  • Free Week: Manny Acosta